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Found 3 blog entry about Zillow and Syndication

Zillow and Syndication

Real Estate Photography and Syndication

Real Estate Syndication - Brandon Patton

I was recently in an online discussion talking about syndication and content that is displayed on a 3rd party site (Zillow and Trulia)  and it made me think about copyright laws with photography. I was thinking about how much money I have invested into my business by buying the best Real Estate Photography Equipment that […]

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Are Zillow and Trulia Destroying Local Real Estate?

Google Search Bar - Brandon Patton

As a buyer looking for a home on the internet do you want accurate Real Estate Search Results on Google? I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you happen to land on Zillow or Trulia as a buyer or seller interested in Real Estate info then be prepared to view a […]

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Zillow VS Trulia VS You and your domain

Local Google Search Resutls - Brandon Patton

This is my first blog article that I decided to write with my Brand New WordPress blog that will take out Zillow and Trulia within a week of writing a few updates on my free .Realtor domain…..JK Anyway, I wanted to bring up the topic of Trulia and Zillow advertising and how you could make […]

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