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How does Covid 19 effect Wa Realtors?

Stay Safe from Covid 19 – Browse Homes online

You can view all of the homes for sale in Tri Cities from our website.We have unique content that we are putting out all the time. If you see a home for sale that you would like to see in person then let us know the address and we can get you a virtual tour of the home. Click below to check out how we are creating virtual tours for clients.

Benton City Homes for Sale – Virtual Tour

Brian Berg – Realtor

This listing was viewed as an opportunity for Real Estate Market Leaders to try something fun. We decided this was a chance to shoot a cool drone video and build a few new landing pages for our website. For Example, when we took this listing we realized we needed a page that featured all of the Manufactured Homes for Sale in Tri Cities . With the Covid 19 outbreak hitting Washington State pretty hard this was our chance to get creative and allow people to do a Real Estate tour of our new listing using the virtual tour concept. While we were at it we ended up creating a bunch of new content related to Tri Cities Real Estate.  This footage was gathered the day before the Covid 19 restrictions went into effect into Washington State.


Covid 19 and Washington Realtors

With the new Covid 19 Pandemic Governor Jay Inslee has issued a Stay at home and stay healthy order in Washington State. This order went into effect the day after we shot this video and we were able to reach out to buyers online. We managed to get this house under contract during this order. However, the next questions is :

How will Covid 19 Impact Real Estate Sales in Washington State?

Now that we have the house under contract we still need to get through the Home Inspection, The Appraisal and the reach the closing table. The Washington Association of Realtors added a new form to for Realtors to use in the Purchase and Sale Agreements that brings up the fact that computation of time may be affected by Covid 19. After all what do you do if the state says its illegal to perform non essential task?

Stay at Home and Stay Healthy Rules & WA Realtors


According to the Washington Realtors WEBSITE:

“Washington REALTORS®, your voices were heard! WR Staff and Leadership have been working with Governor Inslee’s office to address the 17,000+ transactions in the pipeline and the needs of other buyers and sellers eager to enter a purchase and sale agreement. We have good news! Thanks to the hard work of our Government Affairs team, WR’s strong leadership team, and Governor Inslee’s compassionate and decisive action, he has issued an important memo creating opportunity for pending transactions to close and allowing limited marketing and brokerage services to prospective buyers and sellers. His order allows inspections, appraisals and walk-throughs to take place under very strict conditions described below and in these REVISED FAQs.”

According to the Washington Association for Realtors website:

“To be clear, brokers still must comply with the Stay Home, Stay Healthy mandate and with extremely limited exceptions are to conduct real estate business from your homes to halt the spread of the Covid-19 virus. For example, brokers will be allowed to meet one-on-one with a client when no other alternative is available, but in no event may more than two people be onsite at a property, including the owner/occupants and the real estate broker. Additionally, social distancing protocols must still be observed and every effort to sanitize surfaces touched must be taken. This also applies to appraisers and inspectors. Private showings are allowed under these new guidelines but again, they are strictly limited to two people on site, including the REALTOR®, as well as following all CDC social distancing and hygiene protocols.

Please study these REVISED FAQs and fully understand how you may conduct business under these new guidelines. Look for additional explanatory videos and messages from WR President Kitty Wallace, Legal Hotline attorney Annie Fitzsimmons and others.”

Washington Realtors and Covid 19 Restrictions

Accoring to the Washington Assocation of Realtors and directive from the governors office the following restrictions are imposed on Real Estate Brokers until April 6th or later if extensions are granted.

“The protocols that must be followed for the permitted in-person activities include:

  • In-person activities must be by appointment only;
  • No more than two people, including the broker, may be at the property at any one time; and
  • Those two persons must strictly follow social distancing guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) by remaining at least six feet apart at all times.

The revisions to the Order are limited to allow the following in-person activities, provided the above protocols are followed:

  • Previews and showings of listings by appointment only;
  • Listing presentations, photography, and creating virtual tours for new listings [Note: professional photographers are not considered “essential,” thus all photos must be taken by the broker or seller];
  • Inspections for pending transactions;
  • Appraisals for pending transactions;
  • Buyer “walk-throughs” for pending transactions prior to closing; and
  • Providing keys to buyers at closing.

No other in-person real estate brokerage activities are permitted.”